Dedication to Accessibility

With easily navigable flat terrain, our farm and property are equipped with ramps and pathways to cater to various mobility aids. The Alpaca Gift Shop is accessible via ramps, and we provide disabled-friendly bathrooms.

Ample decking and veranda spaces are available for dining. We enthusiastically welcome wheelchairs and other mobility aids, and we’re happy to assist in looking after guide dogs while clients interact with the alpacas.

Additionally, we have specially trained alpacas capable of walking alongside wheelchairs, ensuring everyone can enjoy an inclusive and interactive experience.

Accessibility Mountview Alpaca Farm

Getting around

With accessible flat grounds, ramps and pathways around the farm, we can accommodate any level of mobility. We can even bring the alpacas to you if you find a nice spot on the lawn and prefer not to move about. There are ramps that lead into the Alpaca Gift Shop, disabled accessible bathrooms and a large flat veranda and deck space for eating.

Visual or Hearing Impaired aid

With the help of digital audio and visual aids we can ensure all visitors can communicate and understand the experiences. Try listening to our Vacayit audio file or watch our video presentation with subtitles.

These can also be accessed in our alpaca gift shop on arrival, so simply check with our friendly staff how we can help you have the best experience possible.

Whilst the alpacas are generally nervous around dogs, we can organise a staff member to mind guide dogs while their owners walk with the alpacas with the help of their carers or companions.

We also welcome companion Card holders to attend the alpaca experience free of charge.

Visual or Hearing Impaired aid

Learn about our
experiences via audio!


Learn about our
experiences via video!


We have disabled parking spaces along with bus parking, both of which have flat and even ground with lawn, walkways and ramps to all facilities. On weekdays you can generally park quite close to all facilities, and on weekends there is always space to drop off visitors and park along the driveway if required.

What to expect

The vineyard is located on a ten acre vineyard property, so there is always plenty of space to enjoy the fresh air without feeling squashed in.

Weekdays are especially great for this as our younger families tend to mostly visit on weekends. We welcome NDIS groups and individuals every day and have many reviews on our accessibility provisions and options.

We offer therapy experiences and there is even no charge to simply visit and sit on the lawn to look at the alpacas for some time out.

If you would like to eat on site, you simply need to purchase food and drinks from the vineyard kitchen or cafe as we are located within a fully licensed property, so unfortunately we cannot accommodate BYO lunches etc.

Accessibility - What to expect

Accessibility reviews

See below for some of our recent accessibility reviews
and feel free to contact us if you have a question.

Whether you live on the Gold Coast and you’re looking for a pet therapy activity for someone living with a disability, or you are visiting the Gold Coast and looking for an accessible day out, definitely consider visiting Mountview Alpaca Farm.


Welcomes and assists people who have challenges with learning, communication, understanding and behaviour. Caters for people with sufficient mobility to climb a few steps but who would benefit from fixtures to aid balance. (This includes people using walking frames and mobility aids). Caters for people who use a wheelchair. Caters for those who are vision or hearing impaired.

…they have a limit as to how many people can visit at one time and such a large area to walk the alpacas, so… it wasn’t overcrowded or too busy. This is beneficial as Flynn was not overwhelmed or overstimulated by too many people being there at the same time as us.

The alpaca walk experience is open to guests of all abilities and the alpacas were absolutely cool and collected around my wheelchair.

Ramp access at the back of the building.